Holiday Week Support

The Centers for Learning and the Registrar’s Office will be open normal hours (8:30 – 5:00)during the Holiday break (12/24 – 1/3) and will have staff accessible to assist userswith any iSiS functionality questions.

  • Centers for Learning
    Southwick 3rd Floor (North)
  • Registrar’s Office
    Dugan Hall, 1st Floor (South)

Faculty and Students are encouragedtocontact either office for assistance with any iSiS self-service questions.

The Information Technology Help Desk will be open reduced hours during the break. They are Closed on 12/24, 12/31; Open on 12/28, 12/29, 12/30 from 10:00 ‘ 2:00pm.

  • Help Desk
    Olsen Hall, 1st Floor (North)
    978-934-4357 (HELP)

Users needing assistance logging-in (e.g. password resets)should first use the integrated password reset functionality within iSiS.If additional assistance is requiriedusers must contact the Help Desk. Please leave a message on theirvoicemail or email if support is needed off hours.

Ongoing Support for All Users

While it was only a partial week, therehave already beena significant number of users logging into iSiS during the first few days of 9.0.Through 12/6/09 there have been357 faculty and 5613 students who have successfully logged into the new system.

There have been relatively few issues reported in the last couple days.See the Known Issues blog entry to see the latest updates including recent fixes.

Students and Faculty are welcome tovisit the Centers for Learning on North or the Registrar’s Office on South if you need any personal assistance using iSiS 9.0.

The Administrative Systems Integration office is continuing to provide roving support to administrative users andis available for any academic department presentations.Deans and Chairpersons should contact Doreen Bray(x4777) if you’d like to schedule a demonstration or Q&A with your department. A breakdown of the various support approaches is documented on the iSiS support web pages.

Known Issues… (Updated 1/05/2010 @ 9:00AM)

Last Update1/05/2010 -9:00am

We will post updated information here regarding major known iSiS 9.0 issues and their status.

OPEN ISSUES – Confirmed issues that are being investigated by the technical team

  • Login — Lowell has reported to UITS that some users are having troubles logging into ISIS. The user believes they are typing the username and password correctly, but the system makes the user change their password. Please post a comment if this is an issue you too have experienced as it is difficult for us to troubleshoot.
  • Update on Login Issues: UITS has been able to replicate the issue and is investigating long term solutions. In the meantime, if you experience this issue you may do either of the following: Hit your browser back button until theerror message no longer displays or close theentire windows session andstart the log in process again at
  • Performance — UITS continues to evaluate system performance issues. Many users have reported increased performance, but there are still some experiencing slowness. If you do experience iSiS being slow, please contact the HELP desk at or at 978.934.4357 and give as much detail as possible (what process you were trying to complete, the page you were on and the time of day). These details will allow us to better troubleshoot the issues.

RECENTLY CLOSED ISSUES– Confirmed issues that have recently been updated and fixed.

  • Student Online Financial Account — The display of student financial data was significantly different and causing some confusion for students. This has been modified to make it more user friendly.
  • Performance — UITS has improved the Advisor page to more rapidly load all advisees. The performance was 91 seconds and is now 11 seconds for one advisor with over 1000 advisees.
  • Faculty Class Roster Update — faculty now have the option to view students on the waiting list via their class roster.
  • Student Request for Official Transcript —the link to request official transcripts wasn’t appearing in the drop down, but is now available.
  • Permission Number Creations –a processing error prevented the Registrar’s Office from generating additional permission numbers. This has been fixed.
  • Help links to UPK are now available via the ‘Help’ button within faculty and student self-service. More improvements are coming, but this is at least now functioning.
  • International Access — Links toself-service have been changed to fixa couplelogin issues. The change willnow allow userswithinternationalcomputer operating systems to accessiSiS. Additionally facultyself-service users willenter iSiS directly in the’faculty center’.

Updates on the Upgrade (Last Update 12/2 @ 6:00 PM)

Wednesday, December2 at 6:00 PM

TheiSiSsystem is live. We are in the process of having the login buttons updated. For immediate access you can login here:

Faculty Self Service

Student Self Service

Wednesday, December2 at 4:00 PM

TheiSiSsystem is going live today. We have many business offices entering transactions and all is going well. There are a couple self-service functions that are still being evaluated, but nothing that will keep us from going live today. One enhancement that we had promoted was to have a useful ‘Help’ link — our expectations were that it would be embedded within each self-service page, but it now appears this will not happen on day 1. The UPK’s are still available via theiSiS web page. More information coming within the next couple hours.

Wednesday, December2 at 11:30 AM

There continues to be much progress and we have a number of campus administrative staffconfirming functionality. Thereare still a few issues that are being addressed by the technical staff at the President’s Office. Until those issues are resolved we are delaying go-live of self-service access. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Tuesday, December1 at 8:15 PM

During campus testing a couple issues were discovered thatrequired sometechnical fixes. This included some campus updates to spam filters and someend-user security adjustments. There is a database issue that has just been fixed, but requires a new round of testing to validate system functionality. Campus testing will resume tomorrow morning. Once testing is successfully completed we will open the system up for self-service access. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, December1 at 9:00 AM

The technical upgrade from ISIS 8.0 to iSiS 9.0 has been completed.A few campus offices and self-service userswill be validating data and conducting final testing today. Assuming this final step all goes well then the system will be made available for all users by 7am tomorrow.

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to review the training tools available on the new iSiS web page. There are quick videos (less than 5 minutes)available which demonstrate key functionality relative to this time of the academic cycle. In particular:

  • how students can register for classes and:
  • how faculty can record grades

Go to more information.