7/11/11 – iSiS Upgrade Complete — Users Encouraged to Clean Browsers

Over the weeked, the IT team completed an update to the back end technical tools which support iSiS. Some users have experienced issues and most have been resolved with some simple browser maintenance.

Here is a quick job aid to show how to clear history and cache for some common web browsers.

iSiS Browser Cleanup.pdf

There are also updated desktop requirements that are published on the iSiS web page.


iSiS Available: Peopletools Upgrade Complete

iSiS is now available.The upgradetasks have all been completed. Youwill see a slight change to the look and feel of the system. If you run into any issues with iSiS, you may want to clear your cache and re-start your computer before reporting the issue. As always, if you need any assistance or have any questions related to iSiS, please contact the UML HELP Center at 978.934.4357 or by emailing help@uml.edu.

iSiS Browser Requirements

iSiS will be upgraded to PeopleTools 8.51 over the weekend of July 9th and 10th. There are new browser requirements due to this upgrade.

For example, iSiS previously supported Internet Explorer (IE) 6. Now, the certified IE versions for iSiS Users will be IE7 and IE8. End-users will experience difficulties in IE6, such as sporadically losing menus and links.

Attached is a document that lists the supported browsers.

Please call the HELP center at x4357 or email help@uml.edu if you have any questions or concerns.