For Undergraduate Students Graduating in May 2013 or Summer 2013 from the Registrar

Attention Undergraduate Students:

Are you graduating May, 2013 or Summer 2013?

It’s time to file your graduation form (DIG) with your department. If you file by November 13, 2012 and your petition-to-graduate is approved, we can guarantee that your name will be printed in the Commencement book and, (if you satisfy all degree requirements and financial obligations) that you will receive your diploma at the commencement ceremony.

Please see your advisor to file for graduation.

For Faculty: Mid-Term Grade Reminder from Registrar

Midterm Grades

Mid-term grades have been generated for Fall 2012 courses. Per the academic calendar Tuesday October 16th is mid-semester. At least one evaluation is required in each course. The grade is submitted by the faculty to inform the student of their current grade status. Reports will be generated on Wednesday, October 24th to notify students and advisors of poor academic progress. This is an important indicator for departments and colleges to use for planning and retention.

Three additional grades have been introduced for mid-term grading only:


In Danger of Failing


Fail Never Attended



Faculty may either

1) Enter grades for only a subset of students (those at risk of failing)


2) Entergrades for everyone listed on the mid-term grade roster.

Students who are identified as being at risk (grades of FN, IDF, D or F) will receive a letter through ISIS notifying them that they are at risk and encouraging them to speak to their instructor or advisor; Students who are identified as being at risk (grades of FN, IDF, D or F) in multiple courses, will be contacted by Student Services to provide appropriate intervention.

Mid-Term Grade Process:

1) In iSiS Faculty Self-Service ‘My Schedule’, click on the Grade roster icon circled in red below next to the grade roster you wish to enter the mid-term grades.


2) Validate that the Grade Roster type is ‘Mid-Term Grade’ roster. Enter the grade.

How to enter midterm grades for one or more (not all) students on the grade sheet:


3) Save the grade roster.

How to enter midterm grades for every student on the grade sheet:

  1. Record Grades
  2. SAVE
  3. Mark Grade Roster ‘ Approved
  4. SAVE



A confirmation popup will display below as well as an email sent to confirming the roster has been submitted correctly and students will be able to see the grades online overnight.


Midterm grades will be available to the student.

Midterm grades are not official and do no factor into grade point average and credits earned. Midterm grades do not appear on transcripts. They are meant to give the student an indication of his progress mid way through the semester.

If the student questions a grade, or receives any grade that is less than satisfactory, he should make an appointment to talk to the professor. Midterm grades are meant as an opportunity to encourage students to open a conversation or dialogue with the professor about how things are progressing.

The student may need to consider whether withdrawing from a class may be warranted. If one grade is very low, withdrawing from that class might give him/her more time to focus his/her energies on doing well in his/her other classes. Although withdrawing is not ideal, in some cases it may make success in other classes more manageable, and help him/her keep his/her GPA strong.

The student may want to keep midterm information in mind as he/she considers his/her choice of classes for the following semester. He/She may need to think about whether or not to take advanced classes, or particular instructors, or learning styles.

It is important to keep midterm grades in perspective. They provide valuable information to students at an important point in the semester. Students who make sure to check these grades, and who consider what they mean, know whether they are advancing smoothly or whether they may need to make some changes. Parents can help students interpret the information and put it in perspective, but then they need to step back once again to allow the student to follow through with whatever he needs to do.