New Faculty: Prof. Hung Phan

This spring, we have welcomed Dr.Hung Phan to the UML Department of Mathematical Sciences. Dr. Phan is an applied mathematician who was most recently at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. No doubt he has been right at home in the past few weeks as we’ve had two major snow storms!

Hung’s general research areas are Optimization, Numerical Methods, and Variational Analysis. His Ph. D. was earned at Wayne State University, with a thesis titled New Variational Principles with Applications in Optimization Theory and Algorithms (Advisor: Boris Mordukhovich).

Here are three of his recent publications:

  • Linear and strong convergence of algorithms involving averagednon expansiveoperators,(with H.H. Bauschke, D. Noll) Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 421 (2015), 1-20
  • The rate of linear convergence of the Douglas-Rachford algorithm for subspaces,(with H.H. Bauschke, J.Y. Bello Cruz, T.T.A. Nghia, X. Wang)Journal of Approximation Theory 185 (2014), 63-79
  • Restricted normal cones and sparsity optimization with affine constraints,(with H.H. Bauschke, D.R. Luke, X. Wang),Foundations of Computational Mathematics 14 (2014), 63-83

His web page is