M. Brendan Fleming Scholarship

We are grateful to the family of Emeritus Professor M. Brendan Fleming for their recent contributions to the department’s growing scholarship funds. Through their generous gifts to the department, theM. Brendan Fleming Scholarship will be awarded to a meritorious mathematics major each year starting in 2017.

Professor M. Brendan Fleming was on the Lowell Tech/ULowell/UMass Lowell faculty for over 35 years,retiring in June 1996. Widely acclaimed as an excellent teacher, he was at theforefront of using statistics software to teach statistical analysis. In addition to his teaching and service to the university, he serveda member of the Lowell City Council for nine terms between the years of 1969 and 1992. He was Mayor of Lowell from 1982 to 1984. He and his late wifeBernice raised seven children to become active successful members of their community.

Prof. M. Brendan Fleming