New Faculty: Min Hyung Cho

This fall, we have welcomed Dr. Min Hyung Cho to the UML Department of Mathematical Sciences. Min Hyung is an applied mathematician who was most recently atDartmouth College. He holds a Ph. D. from TheUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte, where his advisor was Prof. Wei Cai. The title of his dissertation was ‘Fast Integral Methods in Layered Media with Application in Photonic Devices.’

Min Hyung Cho

Dr. Cho’s research interests include

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Numerical solutions of PDEs
  • Fast Multipole Method (FMM) and treecodes
  • Wave propagation in layered media
  • High Performance Computing
Among his most recent publications are
  • M.H. Cho and A. Barnett, Robust fast direct integral equation solver for quasi-periodic scattering problems with a large number of layers, 23, 2, 1775-1799, Optics Express, 2015
  • M.H. Cho and W. Cai, A parallel fast algorithm for computing Helmholtz integral operator in 3-D layered media, 231, 17, 5910-5925, J. Computational Physics 2012
  • M.H. Cho and W. Cai, A wideband fast multipole method for two-dimensional complex Helmholtz equation, Computer Physics Communications, 2010
His faculty web page is