11/23 Schueller Observatory visiting

Location: Chelmsford, MA               Telescope: C14

We have adjust the camera focal length as 3.91m.
Aperature diameter 35.6cm
Binning factor in height and width is 2X2
CCD temperature ~-20
Airmass of the telescope: 1.5
With exposure time as 2s, we took the picture for ‘Tycho 3156:1799′(RA 20:21:35.192 DEC +40:26:04.7).
The 1st pic shown here is the RGB image of Tycho 3156_1799 by combining the red, green and blue image together. 2nd one is with the filter ‘clear’.
It’s V405 CYG observed in 2003-10-13 19:26 with no-filter which is shown in the figure 3.
From the Tycho, SAO and GCVS catolog, its properties are:
Luminosity: 0.64 ± 0.52 times that of the sun
Absolute magnitude: 5.29 ± 0.89
Distance: 45 ± 19 parsecs (148 ± 61 light-years)
Slow irregular star of spectral type K or later
Photometric band: P
Maximum magnitude: 10.0
Spectral type: M6.5

. ds9Tycho-clearimage002