UMass Lowell Kids Field Trip Day

For another year, the Lowell Center of Space Science and Technology (LOCSST) hosted a table at the UMass Lowell Kids Field Trip Day at Tsonga Center. Circle Health, Wamesit Lanes, YMCA, SLS Fitness, UML Sustainability, Sub Zero, the Boys and Girls Club, Pollard Library, Nutrition Club, Trinity, Lowell Police Department, JDCU, and River Hawk Sales were also in attendance. With 2300 students in attendance, many companies brought games and puzzles to their tables. At the LOCSST’s table, students were entertained by Space Hauc’s satellite model, a parabolic mirror, multiple helium balloons attached to a payload to demonstrate a weather balloon and an ioptron telescope.

Dr. Laycock showed off the Space Hauc’s satellite model to a group of students
Kids laughed as they looked at their inverted images in the parabolic mirror. Many dance and made funny faces. Some even looked at the back of the mirror to see if it was just a trick.
Kids line up to gaze across the Tsonga through a telescope. Many were excited when they saw their friends on the other side of the room.