Greenhalge After School Program

Today was the start of the Active Astronomy Roadshow’s after school series with the Greenhalge Elementary school in Lowell. Throughout the course of the semester, we will be working with the students on learning about the attributes of the planets, making telescopes, spectroscopes, landers, and rockets, and reading about famous scientists and important technology needed for Space exploration.

The students know a lot about astronomy already and were excited to learn about the planets this afternoon! Students got the opportunity to hear a little about some of the different things that we will be covering over the course of the program and were free to ask any questions. They asked about black holes, the formation of the Moon, astronauts, and all about different planets. After a question session, students made a live model of the Solar System and had the opportunity to see why a model is needed in Astronomy. Finally, students got the opportunity to rank planets, stars, and every day objects based on speed and size. Next week we will be talking about conditions on other planets and what it would take to survive on them!