The First Star Party


A cold night in October 2015 was the first Star Party we had at the Schueller Observatory. I was not sure what to expect, considering I had never been to an observatory prior to this, and I’m new to studying the stars. Nonetheless, I was amazed. Not only is there just a 14″ Celestron telescope, but there is a computer program hooked up to it so we can pinpoint certain stars, moons, galaxies, and more without having to use our own eyes all the time. Granted, we have to calibrate the program before we can use it.IMG_0011Schueller_control_room_peopleIMG_0048

We also had smaller telescopes outside the observatory because there was way too many people present to all fit in the observatory. If we are lucky, we can fit 6 or 7 people in the “outside” portion of the observatory with the telescope, and 2 or 3 more in the heated room with the computer monitors. This night, we had over 25 people, so we had to rotate between exploring the night sky with the Schueller observatory and using the small telescopes in the yard.


I spent most of my time looking at the Moon, since it was the clearest thing in the sky, and the closest to us. It wasn’t a full moon, but it was still about 80 percent visible (obviously 80 percent of the possibly visible portion of the moon, not 80 percent of the entire moon). These two pictures were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus through the eyepiece of one of the small telescopes that were in the yard. They came out a lot better than expected. Hopefully I can get more pictures of more objects on the sky. For now, enjoy these.



11/23 Schueller Observatory visiting

Location: Chelmsford, MA               Telescope: C14

We have adjust the camera focal length as 3.91m.
Aperature diameter 35.6cm
Binning factor in height and width is 2X2
CCD temperature ~-20
Airmass of the telescope: 1.5
With exposure time as 2s, we took the picture for ‘Tycho 3156:1799′(RA 20:21:35.192 DEC +40:26:04.7).
The 1st pic shown here is the RGB image of Tycho 3156_1799 by combining the red, green and blue image together. 2nd one is with the filter ‘clear’.
It’s V405 CYG observed in 2003-10-13 19:26 with no-filter which is shown in the figure 3.
From the Tycho, SAO and GCVS catolog, its properties are:
Luminosity: 0.64 ± 0.52 times that of the sun
Absolute magnitude: 5.29 ± 0.89
Distance: 45 ± 19 parsecs (148 ± 61 light-years)
Slow irregular star of spectral type K or later
Photometric band: P
Maximum magnitude: 10.0
Spectral type: M6.5

. ds9Tycho-clearimage002