Tower Bridge , London trip part 1

London what can I say its been little over a couple days already and so far and its already been an amazing and memorable. After getting to our hotel we had quite the busy night. We went to dinner a Carluccio’s an Italian restaurant. Than afterwards we went on a double Decker bus to explore some parts of London. We went to Trafalgar square to the view the square and the saw the all the statues and all the Christmas lights and the some of the holiday stands that were there. Then lastly the last sight we saw was the London tower bridge. The bridge was absolutely amazing and beautiful with a great view Thames river. Also we happen to get a group picture while there. also P.S this was the same bridge that the final battle occurred in Spider man far from Home, for you marvel fans. It only been a couple of days but there is a lot more to come with this trip in London

Tour of Westminster Abbey

After arriving in London yesterday morning (1/2/20), we spent the day getting to know our way around the area of London surrounding the hotel we are staying at. We looked at Christmas lights and decorations in/around Trafalgar Square, and then took a bus to the Tower Bridge.

Today, January 3rd, we departed the hotel after breakfast and a quick, informative lecture from Dr. B, headed for Parliament Square. Once there, we toured the recently-established Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Established in 2009, the Supreme Court takes civil cases of high seriousness. We were able to go into 2 of the 3 courtrooms within the building, including the largest one on the second floor.

After our tour of the Supreme Court, we travelled across the street in order to begin our tour of Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, but I managed to get some nice ones of the exterior of the Abbey. Once we were granted admission, we were provided with an audio/video-guided tour so we could walk around at our own pace. Throughout the building, there were many tombs & burial sites of former royals, famous writers & scientists, and more. Overall, I really enjoyed the tour of Westminster Abbey, and am very glad we were able to have this opportunity.

Group photo taken on Tower Bridge

First Night out in London!

So jetlag was pretty rough, but we still made it out! Unfortunately because of the recent holiday not many places were open, but we made the best of it and found a cute place close to the hotel. Some stayed at the hotel to catch up on some sleep, but those who went out had a great time. We got to know each other by playing “2 truths & a lie”. The best part of the night was when Rylee asked for Caesar dressing for her salad, but the waiter brought over a pair of scissors instead. Needless to say there was a little bit of miscommunication and the waiter was very confused when he walked over and we were laughing.

How to get the best Exchange Rate.

Today we made a stop at the bank before heading out to see The Supreme Court and Westminster Abbey. While at the ATM Dr. B shared a helpful tip on how to get the best exchange rate, a tip I plan to share. When taking money out of an ATM it will ask you if you would like to take the conversion rate of the bank ( which is usually higher). Dr. B’s tip was to hit the “No continue without conversion” button. What this does is the ATM will automatically take the lowest rate of the day. 1.31 according to Dr. B. This is the way to get the best exchange rate while abroad. It saved us 0.06 cents on the exchange rate.


 Join students as they travel to London, United Kingdom where they will study comparative criminal justice systems.

Students will be visit sites such as Parliament and Westminster Abbey, attend a briefing at the local US Embassy, visit the Old Bailey and Highbury-Islington Magistrates’ Court, attend lectures by the London Metropolitan Police and Pentonville Prison and Scotland Yard among others!

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