Culture Shock

One of the first sights for people landing at the airport is the plethora of security officers holding assault rifles. This scene is a lot different than that of an American airport which usually has security officers with handguns holstered on their sides. After leaving the airport you’ll notice that cars drive on the opposite side of the street and that drivers sit in the opposite side of their cars. While walking around the city I noticed that London is a city filled with security cameras. There are numerous cameras on both the insides and outsides of city buses. While there are security cameras in a lot of stores in America there are not a lot of them in public, and most certainly not many on street corners. This was easily one of the biggest culture shocks I’ve experienced so far because if it were to happen in America then it would be violating our Constitutional rights. Another culture shock took not long after in a pub. When you go to pub in England and get a table you still have to go up to the bar and order your food/drinks. Waiters and waitresses are pretty rare, and the act of tipping is even more rare. This is because food industry workers make higher wages than their American counterparts, so they don’t have to rely on tips for their pay.