Tour of Westminster Abbey

After arriving in London yesterday morning (1/2/20), we spent the day getting to know our way around the area of London surrounding the hotel we are staying at. We looked at Christmas lights and decorations in/around Trafalgar Square, and then took a bus to the Tower Bridge.

Today, January 3rd, we departed the hotel after breakfast and a quick, informative lecture from Dr. B, headed for Parliament Square. Once there, we toured the recently-established Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Established in 2009, the Supreme Court takes civil cases of high seriousness. We were able to go into 2 of the 3 courtrooms within the building, including the largest one on the second floor.

After our tour of the Supreme Court, we travelled across the street in order to begin our tour of Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, but I managed to get some nice ones of the exterior of the Abbey. Once we were granted admission, we were provided with an audio/video-guided tour so we could walk around at our own pace. Throughout the building, there were many tombs & burial sites of former royals, famous writers & scientists, and more. Overall, I really enjoyed the tour of Westminster Abbey, and am very glad we were able to have this opportunity.

Group photo taken on Tower Bridge