Tower Bridge , London trip part 1

London what can I say its been little over a couple days already and so far and its already been an amazing and memorable. After getting to our hotel we had quite the busy night. We went to dinner a Carluccio’s an Italian restaurant. Than afterwards we went on a double Decker bus to explore some parts of London. We went to Trafalgar square to the view the square and the saw the all the statues and all the Christmas lights and the some of the holiday stands that were there. Then lastly the last sight we saw was the London tower bridge. The bridge was absolutely amazing and beautiful with a great view Thames river. Also we happen to get a group picture while there. also P.S this was the same bridge that the final battle occurred in Spider man far from Home, for you marvel fans. It only been a couple of days but there is a lot more to come with this trip in London