London Bridge and the remainder of the trip

London bridge just right across the river rhymes, this bridge is known for many reasons. like an old school nursery and being close to the palace being the location for an recent attack that occurred on said bridge. Unfortunately few weeks till our arrival a serious stabbing had occurred on the bridge where 5 people were stabbed and among the 5 two of them were fatal. Though it was a traumatic experience the attacker was caught and was charged with terrorist offences. Speaking of terrorist offences and faces charges, during the trip we visited one of London renown prisons
Prison Pentonville which is considered to be a category B prison. In this prison its more of a local prison on which they primarily focused on rehabilitation and not as serious offences. When we went on tour for the prison it seemed that if prisoners served thier time well and caused no problems they earned a lot of privileges. However when it comes to the London bridge stabber if they lived and got arrested and tried in court they would of not been held in this kind of prison they would of been in one the category A prisons like Belmarsh. After seeing the prison’s we also had lectures at the U.S embassy in London. From agents from the DEA, FBI, and Homeland Security and lastly NCIS. there were agents from each agency and they talked in depth their jobs and what they did in their career and how they worked with the U.S embassy in London and etc. With all the guest lecturers and with all we saw London had so much to offer. This whole experience is something I will never forget and take for granted at all