Anyone Feeling 22?

By far the best part of this trip was being able to spend my 22nd birthday in London. This trip was something I will never forget and I wish I could spend a whole semester here and I definitely didn’t want to leave after meeting such an amazing group of people! The morning of my birthday we sat through two presentations; one from Tony Walsh on counterterrorism in the UK and another from Mark Brookes on hostage crisis and negotiation tactics. Following the presentations, we had the rest of the evening to ourselves in which most of us went to Slim Chickens (similar to Chick-Fil-A). The night was planned with another trip to Night and Day bar, in which we had discovered the first night. It was fun to bring our experience full circle and end at a really cool place that we had started at. Overall, not many people get to say that they spent their 22nd birthday in London, and I will forever cherish that.

Dr. B surprised myself and Ary with a little birthday dessert at dinner!

First Night out in London!

So jetlag was pretty rough, but we still made it out! Unfortunately because of the recent holiday not many places were open, but we made the best of it and found a cute place close to the hotel. Some stayed at the hotel to catch up on some sleep, but those who went out had a great time. We got to know each other by playing “2 truths & a lie”. The best part of the night was when Rylee asked for Caesar dressing for her salad, but the waiter brought over a pair of scissors instead. Needless to say there was a little bit of miscommunication and the waiter was very confused when he walked over and we were laughing.