Dave Seidel

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Dave Seidel will perform on March 18, 2023 at 11:40AM ET
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Dave Seidel is an electroacoustic musician and composer in Peterborough, NH. He was formerly a guitarist in the NYC downtown scene in the 80s, when he made the premiere recording of Lois V Vierks’s “Go Guitars” for five microtonal electric guitars. He has CDs on the Irritable Hedgehog and XI (Experimental Intermedia) labels, a number of Bandcamp releases, and many tracks on SoundCloud.

Andrew Neumann 

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Andrew Neumann will perform on March 18, 2023 at 4:40PM ET
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Andrew Neumann is an American artist. He works mainly with time based forms, incl. video, (single/multiple projections and installation), mixed media electronic music performance, as well as static sculptural modes, text panels, and conceptual photography. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2040, a Harvestworks New Works Grant, a LEF Foundation Grant and other awards. He has performed his music/multi media performances at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Roulette, Issue Project Room, The Rose Art Museum, Artist Space, Microscope Gallery, as well as numerous “black box” basement venues. He has had one person shows at bitforms Gallery, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, The DeCordova Museum, and has been in numerous group shows. He has been awarded residencies at The MacDowell Colony, YADDO, Ucross Foundation, STEIM, Djerassi, and many others. He is currently preparing two CD’s of solo electronic improvised music systems.

ALYN & SunJessie

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AYLN & SunJessie will perform on March 18, 2023 at 7:40PM ET
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AILEEN PING-CHEN SHEN (DJ AYLN), Multi-Disciplinary Artist, DJ, Music Producer, Studio Recording and Mixing Engineer, SoundDesigner, Percussionist, Live Electronic performer, VJ, Dancer from Taiwan. Grew up multicultural in Japan, Shanghai, Macao and the UK. Classically, trained as Percussionist has performed and commissioned installations, performances, theatres, across the world including Japan, HongKong, the UK, the US, Austria and Macao. Interested in Electronic Performance using interactive technology such MiMU Gloves, Max MSP, Sunhouse Trigger and sensory Percussion and other controllers. Working as a DJ in the underground dance music scene in the genre of techno, house, IDM and more. Currently a senior, President of Berklee DJ club and awarded scholarships, studying at Berklee College of Music duo Major in Music Production and Engineering and Electronic Production and Sound Design.

SunJessie is an artist who explores the boundaries between experimental electronic music and digital media art. With a focus on the organic connections between various forms of expression, SunJessie creates unique and captivating works that challenge the audience’s perceptions and emotions. Based on his background in experimental electronic music production, SunJessie creates music characterized by avant-garde soundscapes and cutting-edge technology. He also incorporates elements of digital media art, such as dynamic and interactive features, into his performances to create fully immersive experiences for his audience. SunJessie’s work is driven by his interest in the relationship between technology and human emotion. He seeks to create a sense of connection between the audience and the digital realm. By exploring the organic links between different forms of expression, he aims to create a deeper understanding of the human experience and technology’s role in shaping it.

SunJessie – Logical Love
SunJessie – {re|in}surrection


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TotoRobyn will perform on March 18, 2023 at 6:00PM ET
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Robyn Alman a.k.a TotoRobyn loves all things synths and swords. Based out of Boston, MA, she loves the exploration of electronic music. TotoRobyn primarily composes ambient, downtempo, dance and chiptune music.  She’s also an admin/member of The Golden Shrimp Guild, a community of electronic live musicians, multidisciplinary artists, and innovative creators and engineers who perform on Twitch.

Will Auringer (Featuring Sam Marston, AJ Smaha, and Thomas Hiscock)

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Will Auringer will perform on March 18, 2023 at 6:20PM ET
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Will Auringer is a guitarist, producer, and composer from Winston-Salem, NC who writes, produces, and performs instrumental electronic jazz music. After picking up the guitar at the age of sixteen and attending Berklee College of Music, Will began to write his own music with his roommate, AJ Smaha, helping him with drum programming. After releasing his self-titled EP in the summer of 2019, Will began working on his first LP and began to take further interest in modern jazz writing techniques and production. After a year of trial and error, recording, writing, and producing, Will released his first LP titled The Zoom Zone in the summer of 2020. Upon returning to Berklee in the fall of 2020, Will studied synthesis and became fluent in Ableton Live. Will began to experiment with electronic/electronica sounds after developing a new interest in synthesis as well as 8-bit music. After two years of recording, producing, and mixing, Alive was released on all major streaming platforms on February 26th, 2022. Will has assembled a four piece band to play material from his two LP’s to live audiences in the New England area. Will performs with Thomas Hiscock on bass, Sam Marston on keyboards/Ableton, and AJ Smaha on drums.


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Ralphykeys will perform on March 18, 2023 at 3:20PM ET.
His presentation, Intro To Eurorack Modular Synthesis, will occur at 4:15PM ET in Durgin room 204.
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Ralph Kinscheck is a Teacher/Trainer; Video Producer; Audio Engineer; Performer/Recording Artist; Technician; and Businessman/Entrepreneur.      

Ralph currently teaches “Producing Music with Logic Pro” at Berklee Online. 

Ralph also teaches privately one-on-one and in groups, teaching modular synthesis, synthesizer programming, music production. He also works as a coach, teaching basic entrepreneurship to freelance musicians.                                               

As a former Apple Certified Trainer for both Logic and Final Cut Studio Applications, Ralph taught classes up and down the East Coast, given clinics and worked with all types of clients from local studio owners to Editors from NESN, WGBH, Comcast and Hasbro.

He also leads a Logic Pro User’s Group online.

He has produced videos of various concerts and functions, including events at Berklee College. He was part of an early attempt to live stream local band performances online in the late 90s. He currently produces his own music videos found online at YouTube.com

He has run sound for events all over Boston including the Garden and Lowell Auditorium and Tsongas Arena. 

He has produced albums in various studios around Boston, as well as doing sound design for various independent film releases.                                           

Ralph has been in the music industry for almost 40 years, initially performing live on keyboards at venues across the US and Europe. As time progressed he was found on multiple albums over the years, that have garnered national airplay on terrestrial radio and now on the web through streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify  

He has also been known to take on management duties.  

As an artist Ralph is currently reinventing himself as producer DJ, writing and producing Synthwave and Techno Electronic music with Computers, Analog Synthesizers and Modular Synths, aka ralphykeys.com 

As a Technician he consults for various studios and independent producers throughout the Boston Area. He previously worked as a tech for Berklee College of Music’s  

Since 1998 Ralph has run Kinscheck Productions (KiProductions.com), a local Production Company in Massachusetts providing all the services mentioned above.

Michael Bierylo (eMBee)

Michael Bierylo (eMBee) will perform on March 18, 2023 at 7:00PM ET.
His presentation, Strategies for Developing Live Modular Performances, will occur at 5:00PM ET in Durgin room 204.
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Michael Bierylo is an electronic musician, guitarist, composer, and sound designer. As Chair of the Electronic Production and Design Department at Berklee College of Music  he led the development of Electronic Digital Instrument program and artist residencies with Suzanne Ciani, Richard Devine, Hank Shocklee, Robert Rich, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Bierylo has performed throughout the United States as a member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. As a solo electronic artist, he has performed with laptop computer and modular synthesizer in the US, Berlin, Shanghai, and Krakow including concerts with Grammy-nominated electronic musician BT and Terrance Blanchard. As an active member of the Audio Engineering Society he has chaired the Electronic Instrument Design and Applications Track at national conventions, bringing together industry innovators such as Dave Smith and Dave Rossum as well as design teams from Moog, Roland and Korg.

Bob Familiar 

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Bob Familiar will perform on March 18, 2023 at 3:40PM ET
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Bob Familiar came to Boston in the late 70’s to attend Berklee College of Music. He soon joined the underground music scene as a member of the band The Dark. It is in in this context that he found his passion for sound design, electronic instruments, improvisational composition and the art of recording, mixing and mastering. Today, Bob composes electronic synthwave, downtempo, ambient, and contemporary orchestral music. His compositions combine a framework of generative rhythmic and melodic elements with live performance.


Alexander Wu

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Alexander Wu will be featured in the Festival’s installations
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Alexander Wu is a composer, pianist, electronic producer, and improviser based in Boston. His music explores the relationships that exist within sound, between sound and society, and among those who make sound. He has composed in and between various styles, including contemporary classical, jazz, and electronic music. His work is often inspired by noise, the physicality of sound, and the intervening space created through the translation of a medium, language, or culture. 

Alexander is currently pursuing his BMus in both Composition and Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music, where he has received the Earl Brown Composition Award and the Performance Division Piano Award. He also minors in Creative Coding. He has studied with esteemed composers such as Alexandra du Bois, Evan Johnson, Julia Wolfe, and Chen Yi, and received readings and recordings from Mivos Quartet, loadbang, unassisted fold, cellist Ariel Barnes, pianist Keith Kirchoff, and trumpeter Sam Wells. His composition mentors at Berklee include Beth Denisch, Gabriele Vanoni, and Marti Epstein.

Since September 2021, Alexander has served as President of Society of Composers at Berklee, a student-led group dedicated to fostering a community for composers to learn and grow from each other. So far, he has helped produce five concerts featuring student composers and performers and conducted a number of interviews with guest composers. 

Alexander was born in 2000 and grew up in Lishui, China. In his spare time, he enjoys making beats, reading mundane short stories, and cooking. 

Every Constant Is Obsolete / Olga Vechtomova 

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Olga Vechtomova will perform on March 18, 2023 at 12:20PM ET.
Her presentation, AI music composition tools for inspiring the creative process will occur at 1:00PM ET in Durgin room 204.
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Every Constant Is Obsolete is an electronic music project of Olga Vechtomova, professor in AI at the University of Waterloo. Her debut album “When Time Is Gone” and the second album “Fading Words” were released in 2022. The musical approach towards creating these compositions was largely improvisational, with most tracks recorded in one take using analogue drone synthesizers, minimalist piano and electro-acoustic instruments.

Every Constant Is Obsolete performs live with analogue synthesizers accompanied by an AI-driven system called LyricJam Sonic, developed by Olga as part of her research into AI for music at the University of Waterloo. LyricJam Sonic uses clips of studio recordings by Every Constant Is Obsolete to create music accompaniments that augment her live performances. The system also generates an immersive real-time 3D visualization which teleports the audience on a visual journey through the AI latent space as the system locates the next musically compatible clip while it interprets the live performance.