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AYLN & SunJessie will perform on March 18, 2023 at 7:40PM ET
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AILEEN PING-CHEN SHEN (DJ AYLN), Multi-Disciplinary Artist, DJ, Music Producer, Studio Recording and Mixing Engineer, SoundDesigner, Percussionist, Live Electronic performer, VJ, Dancer from Taiwan. Grew up multicultural in Japan, Shanghai, Macao and the UK. Classically, trained as Percussionist has performed and commissioned installations, performances, theatres, across the world including Japan, HongKong, the UK, the US, Austria and Macao. Interested in Electronic Performance using interactive technology such MiMU Gloves, Max MSP, Sunhouse Trigger and sensory Percussion and other controllers. Working as a DJ in the underground dance music scene in the genre of techno, house, IDM and more. Currently a senior, President of Berklee DJ club and awarded scholarships, studying at Berklee College of Music duo Major in Music Production and Engineering and Electronic Production and Sound Design.

SunJessie is an artist who explores the boundaries between experimental electronic music and digital media art. With a focus on the organic connections between various forms of expression, SunJessie creates unique and captivating works that challenge the audience’s perceptions and emotions. Based on his background in experimental electronic music production, SunJessie creates music characterized by avant-garde soundscapes and cutting-edge technology. He also incorporates elements of digital media art, such as dynamic and interactive features, into his performances to create fully immersive experiences for his audience. SunJessie’s work is driven by his interest in the relationship between technology and human emotion. He seeks to create a sense of connection between the audience and the digital realm. By exploring the organic links between different forms of expression, he aims to create a deeper understanding of the human experience and technology’s role in shaping it.

SunJessie – Logical Love
SunJessie – {re|in}surrection