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Ramon Castillo will perform on March 18, 2023 at 3:00PM ET
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Ramon Castillo, is an Associate Teaching Professor of Music at UMass Lowell.
He teaches a number of technology courses including Music and Sound for Games, Digital Synthesis and Remixing, Survey of Music Technology, and Computers in Music Business.
For the Composition for New Media program, he teachers Contemporary Styles and Analysis, Sound Narrative, and Applied Composition.
He directs the Contemporary Electronic Ensemble and founded the Video Game Ensemble (Fall 2022 debut).
His creative output combines Minecraft and other video games, Ableton Live, guitar, live looping, signal processing, and sound reactive visuals – prepared specifically for expressive live performance.
Many performances feature highly automated looping made possible by an extensive array of programming. The system, built in Ableton Live, Max for Live, and Clyphx Pro can create layers and effects that a standard looping environment can’t.
The concepts and techniques were born from a series of experiments in 2011.
His compositional and creative career relies on Ableton Live, Max, and arrays of hardware. Ramon has developed many live performance techniques involving custom software interfaces, DIY hardware, and high levels of automation including asymmetric loop triggers and audio quantization

Will Auringer (Featuring Sam Marston, AJ Smaha, and Thomas Hiscock)

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Will Auringer will perform on March 18, 2023 at 6:20PM ET
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Will Auringer is a guitarist, producer, and composer from Winston-Salem, NC who writes, produces, and performs instrumental electronic jazz music. After picking up the guitar at the age of sixteen and attending Berklee College of Music, Will began to write his own music with his roommate, AJ Smaha, helping him with drum programming. After releasing his self-titled EP in the summer of 2019, Will began working on his first LP and began to take further interest in modern jazz writing techniques and production. After a year of trial and error, recording, writing, and producing, Will released his first LP titled The Zoom Zone in the summer of 2020. Upon returning to Berklee in the fall of 2020, Will studied synthesis and became fluent in Ableton Live. Will began to experiment with electronic/electronica sounds after developing a new interest in synthesis as well as 8-bit music. After two years of recording, producing, and mixing, Alive was released on all major streaming platforms on February 26th, 2022. Will has assembled a four piece band to play material from his two LP’s to live audiences in the New England area. Will performs with Thomas Hiscock on bass, Sam Marston on keyboards/Ableton, and AJ Smaha on drums.