UMass Lowell is a Trick

Disclaimer: Anything written in this blog represents the opinions of the author, and no one else. Each blog is written lightly, and is not intended to offend any of the mentioned businesses, locations, students, or staff.

UMass Lowell is a trick. It has the immense variety and amount of resources that universities tend to have, but at the same time it has something different mixed into the large community. What makes UMass Lowell different is that it gives students the opportunity to become a tightknit team of professionals and students who have the same goal: to learn & to do their best in every endeavor.

I can speak to this specifically from my experiences as an undergraduate studying at the Manning School of Business. The first week of my freshman year I was thinking, “Does anyone know that I exist? If I fail, does it even really matter to anyone here?” Boy, was I foolish to think that. It didn’t take long for several of my professors to know me by name and to inquire about my life and background. And, they actually cared.

Now, as I conclude my sophomore year, the same community from the Manning School of Business is supporting my efforts to better my academic and professional careers. One individual in particular who I have had the pleasure to meet and spend some time with is Dean Kathryn Carter.

Dean Carter seems to be this omnipresent figure at the Manning School of Business whose job is to advocate for our education and success on a large scale. It’s easy to forget about her daily tasks to support the Manning School of Business because she is not present in our classes or dorms. Fortunately, the Manning School of Business’s Dean’s Student Leadership Council has organized the first ever Dean’s Forum to increase one-to-one interactions with students and the Dean.

photoIn her own words, Dean Carter describes the Manning School of Business in her Dean’s Message here: A quote from her message that explains why the Dean’s Forum is so important for the MSB is, “The Manning School of Business is administered with a ‘students first’ philosophy, which makes professors, advisors, staff, administrators and the dean accessible to students.”

The Dean will be in Pasteur 301 on Thursday April 17th from 12:30pm to 1:45pm. She will chat a little bit about the Manning School of Business advising changes and the new Pulichino Tong Business Building to be completed in 2016. Afterward, she will leave the floor open for students’ questions and comments about anything at the University and specifically the Manning School of Business. The purpose of the forum is to let students know that the Dean is a resource for them and that she treasures students’ perspectives.