Smart Start Orientation

If you’ve been accepted to UMass Lowell, you must sign up and attend orientation! At orientation, you will learn the ways of a UML student, meet Advisors, and meet other students! ( I’m still friends with people I met at orientation!)

For the College of Management, there are a few specific dates which you may register.

College of Management:

  • Tuesday, June 14
  • Friday, June 24
  • Tuesday, July 19
  • Thursday, July 21
  • Wednesday, August 10
  • Thursday, August 11
  • Wednesday, August 24

To register, follow the directions at this link!


For the full list of dates, please see the following page:

Have any questions?
If you have any questions contact Dr. Frank Andrews, Associate Dean for the College of Management, 978.934.2816 or

Questions for the blogger?
Contact Matt Lawson by leaving a comment below, or e-mail!

3 thoughts on “Smart Start Orientation

  1. Orientation is an important process to prepare and provide background information to the individual or group participating in a new activity or situation and to be able to relax with BCR99TH at any time. In general, there are several important aspects of orientation.
    1. Understanding standards and regulations Orientation helps individuals understand and comply with the standards and rules relevant to the situation or activity they will pursue, such as working in an organization or studying at an educational institution.
    2. Creating an understanding of the mission and objectives Orientation helps participants understand the mission or purpose of the activity. This can potentially lead to deeper knowledge and understanding.
    3. Building cooperation and working as a team Orientation is often a great opportunity to build understanding and cooperation in the group. It also helps in building effective and collaborative teams.
    4. Building confidence and reducing anxiety Orientation gives a person the confidence to face situations or to have them in the future. By providing useful information and helping to prepare for possible problems.
    5. Creating interest and stimulating to learn more An interesting and understandable orientation can stimulate participants’ interest in learning more about what is involved.
    6. Building relationships between people Orientation is a great opportunity to build connections and interpersonal relationships. Makes working or doing activities together more possible
    Orientation is very important in both organizational activities and daily life. Because it helps to prepare and create a strong foundation for starting something new.

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