Cooperative Educational Opportunities

Cooperative Education
comes to the College of Management

Beginning in Fall 2011 COM students will have the opportunity be part of an academically integrated cooperative education program. The first cohort of 30 students will be enrolling in the one-credit Professional Development Seminar which will provide students with the necessary structure, resources and support to successfully secure and engage in their first co-op work experience. Students will choose between 3 or 6 month co-ops, gain a competitive edge in the job market and earn a salary while on co-op which can assist in offsetting college expenses.

Co-op exposes students to the real world of work and to career options while promoting a sense of independence and professional maturity. It also increases opportunities for career positions following graduation. A 2010 Research Brief from the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University reported that internship and co-ops are replacing the traditional starting job that most new college graduates entered just five years ago.

To learn more about the co-op option in COM, students can contact Martina Witts, Assistant Director of Co-op (Management) in the Career & Co-op Center at .

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