New Years

My first time away from home on a holiday. I spent my new year in India. I hope this means that 2016 will be filled with adventures. I met new friends and although i felt homesick, they were so welcoming. They planned the whole night. This new years was a time of trying new things. I lit my first paper lantern, first time away from home, had a mini african party in my room with my roommate, had a bonfire with everyone. It has been an amazing time spend with new friends. I wish them all but success in the new year.

IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3839

Final Presentation

Today we finally had to present. After many days working hard on our project, we are done. We had many disagreements in my group and we found it hard to find information on our project which was about wind turbine. The language barrier made working on this team difficult but regardless I love my group. Ive gotten the chance to speak to them individually and have grown close to them each. They are the sweetest people I have met. One of the guys on my team was nice enough to gift me a notebook that I really wanted with the money he earns himself. i found this surprising because not many students here work and go to school. The students here go to school six days a week, all day. It was such a small gesture but it meant the world to me. This has been my favorite team to work on so far.

I really enjoyed this program and trip to india. I know this is a one in a lifetime opportunity. The chance to be able to work in such a diverse team, is not very common. The days preceding the presentation, my group and I stayed up late, working and sharing laughs and snacks. I will truly miss the long nights huddled up in a dorm room studying with them.



This week we had cultural day, where all of us dressed in traditional indian clothing. I love the clothes here especially the kurtas. They are very comfortable.

Suman Sangam Farm

It is so cool how one could retire and want to give back to the community as well as nature. The owner of Suman Sangam , Dr.Sanjeev Kulkarni who is a former Gynecologist, decided to plant one tree and now he has a beautiful farm with over a thousand trees.He also suggested that we plant a tree just so that we could always have the memories of visiting his farm which personally might entice me to want to come back to India.Besides the many beautiful trees, flowers and fruits, Dr. Sanjeev wanted us to be one with nature he made this environment for not only artists but creative minds who want to be inspired by nature. We had a speaker from Chicago Abhi he taught us about creativity. We also had tea made from lemon grass and lunch.We shared our ideas and how we are trying to accomplish.
It is kind of bitter sweet that we have to leave this place soon.

first day of the Global I and E class

After long travels, we rested up and were ready to go to class.It was a good lecture Professor Mehta kept it short and interesting until in the middle of it,when they decided that we should go crash an Indian wedding.It was super cool they had nice Sari’s on and we all had to go up to the bride and groom, shake their hands and wish the a happy long marriage.My friend Bruna and I met this laid back Indian ladies that went to keep taking pictures with us.


the bride and groom

the bride and groom