Suman Sangam Farm

It is so cool how one could retire and want to give back to the community as well as nature. The owner of Suman Sangam , Dr.Sanjeev Kulkarni who is a former Gynecologist, decided to plant one tree and now he has a beautiful farm with over a thousand trees.He also suggested that we plant a tree just so that we could always have the memories of visiting his farm which personally might entice me to want to come back to India.Besides the many beautiful trees, flowers and fruits, Dr. Sanjeev wanted us to be one with nature he made this environment for not only artists but creative minds who want to be inspired by nature. We had a speaker from Chicago Abhi he taught us about creativity. We also had tea made from lemon grass and lunch.We shared our ideas and how we are trying to accomplish.
It is kind of bitter sweet that we have to leave this place soon.

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