It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

Excuse the cliche title but I think its a saying that I really try to live by. I always make an effort to return to old friends and share the old and new memories.

My experience, although short, at BVB school for Engineering has been amazing and could never be repeated. All my new Indian and Chinese friends have taught me invaluable lessons that could never be learned in a classroom or through the internet.

Today was the last day and we had to present our final business plan reports for the products we were given at the beginning of the class. Everyone did a great job of speaking loudly, clearly and explaining the fundamentals behind their given products. It is clear that everyone in the program is extremely talented, smart and will be successful in their work, life or ventures. After the last presentation we received certificates for our completion of the course as well as handmade bags.

Later tonight we will all be going to Seven Beans to drink coffee and celebrate our two weeks of complete cultural immersion. It has been an amazing experience and I will definitely return to India to visit my friends and explore more of this incredible country. I would highly recommend this course and trip to anyone who has it in mind.

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