Walking through History

When you leave the United States and enter a city with as rich a history as Valencia you come to realize how young the US is compared to Europe in general. Walking in churches and intuitions that are far older then your home is one part awe inspiring and one part confusing. The American consciousness is comparatively much younger than most historically significant things in Valencia as such when we try to harken back to anything that can remotely relate it is still far too young.

When your eyes set upon the beauty of the art work and structure both inside and out of these old buildings you can be so overwhelmed that it can take you breath away. This happens to me multiple times since we have been here and toured important landmarks of the city.

The beauty of walking through the same halls thousands and thousands of other people over the course of centuries have walked through is so amazing. You are just one of thousands more people that will soon pass the same walk ways and experience the same things you had and wonder about the significant of the frescoes painstakingly painted centuries before. That is such an amazing concept.

The Street Art is Amazing!

There are easy ways to know the city you are in. Local landmark, important sites, shops and restaurants. But there is something special when it comes to the artwork splattered on city walls left behind like a tattoo. The beauty of the work and the message it portrays gives the viewer a look into the mindset and state of the artist and city around them.

I love seeing the Street Art of cities outside the United States. Back home you don’t see much of it, and when you do work back home they have less of a flare and excitement to them. Like they are confined into a small box of the things they can and can’t portray. While here there is a plethora of different ideas and emotions and mediums that are littered all over the city for the eye to feast on. From the unfamiliar to the Familiar keep your eyes open and you can find things you won’t expect.

It’s amazing what you can find down hidden alleyways and on the sides of old buildings. The Art work is so ingrained into the city you can even find a guide. The small figure shown below always shows up in places you least expect. Like a game of “Where’s Waldo” this figure is always. It amazing how much you can see and find in this city just on the sides of buildings alone. Even more so when you take into account that some of these works can be across from some of the older buildings of this city as a link be tween the old and the new.