Mouthwatering recommendations from our favorite restaurants in Lowell

Nothing builds up an appetite more than going on a college campus tour. Tours at UML are no different. Lucky for you, Lowell has an incredible cross-cultural food scene, and I’m here to ~dish~ on the best restaurants in Lowell.

Most of these restaurants are right in UML’s backyard and just steps from campus. So, really, you have no excuse to not try at least one.

And it doesn’t matter which UML campus you’re on either when hunger strikes. You could be exploring our engineering students’ coolest inventions in the College of Engineering MakerSpace on North Campus or peeking in the Nursing Simulation Labs on South Campus—if you’re hungry, we got you covered.

mouthwatering recommendations from our favorite restaurants in lowell

I asked everyone on my team what they thought was the best restaurant in Lowell and what their favorite dish there was. They pulled through better than I hoped when I wrote my question on our kitchen whiteboard. There was only one recommendation to try a double cheeseburger at the local McDonalds.

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The best places to eat downtown

If you’re unsure what kind of food you’re in the mood for, take a walk downtown. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in Lowell. Here are some of my colleagues’ favorites (check out the map above to see what dishes they recommend):

  • Sizzling Kitchen
  • Olympia Restaurant
  • Sophia’s Greek Pantry
  • Life Alive
  • Lowell Burger Co.
  • Fabiano’s Pizzeria and Café
  • 1981 Ramen
  • Big Poké
  • Espresso Pizza
  • Warp and Weft
  • El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill
  • TreMonte Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar
  • Lao’De Cafe
  • Blue Taleh
  • The Purple Carrot Bread Company
  • The Old Court Irish Pub and Restaurant
  • Wings Over (Lowell)
  • Time Out Cafe
  • Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus
  • Cobblestones of Lowell
Poké Bowl from Big Poké.
Poké Bowl from Big Poké.

The best restaurants in Lowell that are right off the Lowell Connector/highway

Are you visiting from out-of-state? These places are a quick stop off the Lowell Connector:

  • The Keep Restaurant and Pub
  • Santoro’s Subs and Pizza
  • Four Sisters Owl Diner
  • Marko’s Mediterranean Grill
  • Elliot’s Hot Dogs
  • Coffee and Cotton (located inside Mill No. 5)

Other mouthwatering options

If you’re exploring more of the city, you won’t want to pass on these restaurants:

  • Eggroll Café
  • Egyptian Grill
  • Paradise Biryani Pointe
  • Pho Dalat Restaurant
  • Donut Shack
  • Lowell Beerworks
  • Olympo’s Bakery
  • Heritage Farm Ice Cream and Restaurant
  • Lemon and Thyme
  • Saigon Sandwich House
  • Gormley’s Cafe
  • Suppa’s Pizza and Subs
  • Tacos Lupita (Lowell)
  • Pho 88
  • Udupi Bhavan Restaurant
  • Good Thymes Family Restaurant
Okinawa BQQ bento meal from Eggroll Café
Okinawa BQQ bento meal from Eggroll Café.

Exploring all that Lowell has to offer is a great way to learn if UMass Lowell is the place for you. We recently talked about how to discover the college atmosphere you’ll thrive at, and trying out restaurants and venturing around off-campus is another good way to get an idea for the city culture and feel.