We See What We Look For

My trip to Prague was something I will never forget, I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world and was lucky enough to meet the most beautiful people. There were some kinks in our trip, such as the condition of our dorms (The beds were terribly uncomfortable, though there was a kitchen there was nothing to cook with, and there was no wifi), but throughout my time there I began to realize that experiences are what we make them.  At first the dorms were a real issue for me, I was uncomfortable there and I hated that there wasn’t wifi.  After the first few days I began to realize that instead of complaining about not having wifi or a comfy bed I should be looking for the best in the situation and truly the good greatly out weighed the bad.       While in Prague I met some of the most interesting and beautiful people I have ever met. The friends I met over there made me feel at home when we were all so far from it, they made me laugh and cry but best of all they made me feel accepted and proud to be me.  I have never met a group of people who embraced one another so wholly and selflessly. There is so much I took away from this trip, too much to possibly put in a blog post, but I will say this: life is what we make it.  In any situation we have a choice, to see the best in it or the worst in it and truly the choice is yours and yours alone.