Exploring Prague!

My study abroad experience is Prague is something I will always remember and carry with me. Having the opportunity to embark on such an adventure is once in a lifetime and really opened my eyes to all that I still have yet to explore. Prague is a city with immense history and beauty and there was never a dull moment or a lack of activities to do. We also visited a number of other cities within the Czech Republic so we were not limited to staying just in Prague. This really gave us context on the country as a whole rather than just the capital. Terezin, Teplice, Cesky Krumlov and Karlovy Vary each had their own individual cultures and history which made them unique cities. I am so grateful for this study abroad opportunity not only for the cultural perspective I gained but also for the amazing group of people I met and the friendships fostered during our three weeks, which flew by, by the way. Some of the living conditions of the trip were not of the same standards as in the US but after a few days this seemed trivial and I knew it was temporary. The lack of wifi in our dorms, though a slight irritation, allowed us to really connect with each other in a way that technology ironically often obstructs us from doing. I would highly recommend other students to take advantage of any study abroad opportunities presented to them, especially one in Prague!