Going Greek

Hello Riverhawks! This week we will be tackling the topic of what is Greek life?

You may have heard a little, a lot, or maybe nothing about Greek life. Heck, you might not even know what it means to “be Greek.” Well to put it simply, Greek Life consists of many organizations across the nation that work towards building a strong bond and connections amongst its members. Many organizations also have philanthropies that they work with and dedicate a number of volunteer hours towards. While a lot of the modern day media likes to portray Greek organizations as existing to just drink and party, this could not be further from the truth. These organizations truly works towards making a difference in the life of students and beyond.

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 There are fraternities for males and sororities for females. UMass Lowell currently has the following on campus:

Image may contain: 7 people, people smilingSororities:

  1. Alpha Omega
  2. Alpha Sigma Tau
  3. Kappa Delta Phi NAS Kappa Upsilon Chapter
  4. Phi Sigma Rho


  1. Delta Kappa Phi
  2. Omicron Pi
  3. Phi Kappa Sigma
  4. Sigma Beta Rho
  5. Sigma Phi Omicron
  6. Sigma Tau Gamma

Why should I consider joining Greek life?

If you have been curious and possibly considered joining Greek life, definitely check out the organizations in detail online at Collegiate Link (www.uml.edu/clubs) and get in contact with them as you please. As you get to know a more specific organization, you can learn about the process of how to join. But overall, the benefits to joining are endless
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  1. Make lifelong bonds with your fellow brothers/sisters
  2. Can grow your leadership skills by allowing you to become more involved as many organizations are quite involved in on-campus events
  3. Gain a whole new perspective by surrounding yourself with a diverse group of individuals, and grow through what they have to show you

One final reminder, feel free to always reach out to any organization if you are at all curious. As many people may say, going out of your comfort zone to try something new, can truly reap many benefits.