Let’s Talk Love

Hello Riverhawks! As you may know, Valentine’s Day is coming up (this coming Tuesday to be exact)! College is where you really start to experience different kinds of relationships: friendships, professional relationships, dating relationships, and peer relationships!
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Of course, because you’re being exposed to so many people in college, you’re going to have your fair share of relationships that aren’t quite healthy. Here’s how to recognize some of these red flags: (I’m going to say “your partner” but that could mean your significant other, your friend, your boss, etc.)
  •  Your partner doesn’t respect your answer when you say “no”
  • Your partner doesn’t seem interested in your success or degrades your success
  • Your partner is dismissive in your interests and projects
  • Your partner constantly pushes your limits and boundaries
  • You catch your partner lying repeatedly
  • When you argue, it escalates into ultimatums
  • You or your partner cheats
  • Your partner makes you feel lonely
  • You feel the relationship is “one-sided”
  • You are happier away from them than with them
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On the flip side, you’re going to experience some very rewarding relationships. Here are the signs of a healthy relationship:
  • You enjoy and look forward to spending time with them
  •  They encourage you in your endeavors
  • They are emotionally supportive
  • You and your partner have good, open communication
  • You and your partner overcome obstacles by discussing instead of fighting
  •  They confide in you and you feel you can confide in them
  • You feel secure in your relationship 


Remember, you get to decide which relationships you have in your life! Be safe and enjoy Valentine’s Day