Winter Weather Wisdom

Heeeeelllooooooooo River Hawks! This week we will be touching upon an important subject, winter weather! I am sure that there are a good amount of you guys that got very excited yesterday over the delayed opening that we had and started wondering “when will we have a true snow day?” Well… I don’t have the answer to that, but I do have wisdom to part

Dreadful Conditions
So in the event that “the weather outside is frightful” and classes aren’t canceled, there are a few of very important things to keep in mind. You may already know these things but it doesn’t hurt to emphasize them:
  1. You should still go to class! While you may be disappointed that classes weren’t canceled, that is not an excuse to skip class. At the end of the day, you are still here for an education, and going to class, maximizes your likelihood of success!
  2. Bundle up! This is self-explanatory but you must always ensure that you are dressed properly for the weather because the last thing you want to do is let your health take a hit! (But do not forget that Health Services is always there if you need them!)
  3. Plan ahead! This applies to commuter students. You should always be checking the weather the night before, and making deductions as to whether or not to leave early. Remember, when the weather conditions are bad, so is the traffic, so this helps you avoid being late.

Snow Day Fun
Whenever there actually is a snow, I know that many people get excited. “Yay, no class!” “Yay, I can sleep!” Well, while some of the things that you may say are true, there are also a couple of things to keep in mind in this scenario:
  1. Be safe! If classes are ever canceled, that means that the university is taking action in the interest of STUDENT SAFETY. So what this means is that during this weather, you should try to stay indoors if you are able to and only go out if you need to. Safety first!
  2. Be productive! While you do not have to worry about attending a class that day, that is never an excuse to avoid any assignments that you have actively due. Having a snow day gives you extra time that you didn’t previously have, so why not work on some assignments?