#Lowell – There truly is A LOT to like

Yesterday evening, UMass Lowell celebrated the rebirth of city of Lowell, and our new Chancellor, Jacquie Moloney. The day began with tours of Lowell, incorporating the new additions to Lowell as well as its history of once being a booming mill city. As the day progressed, the celebration moved to Mill No. 5, a renovated mill in Downtown Lowell. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s amazing. Mill No. 5 is an office building and schools on the lower levels, and a cute market place on the the fourth floor. You can find a thrift store, a vinyl record store, an apothecary and even an yoga studio! My favorite part is the coffee shop, Coffee and Cotton, for both its cozy vibe and delicious menu. Mill No. 5 also features the Luna Theater, which play indie films for great prices.
I arrived around 6 pm at Mill No. 5, just when the party was getting started. I entered myself into the free raffle, in which I ended up winning a $25 dollar gift card to Jimmy John’s, and some cool UML gear! Our very own students were performing as well, including Fermata Nowhere, an all female acapella group. Throughout the mill, there was many different food options, including small appetizers to a create your own caramel apple station. All the stores were open for this event, and I took a look into every one. I have only been to the mill at weird times, so this was super exciting for me because I had never been into some of the shops. I took the time to explore the mill, and found some fascinating things. Here’s a cute little sitting room I had never seen before!

However, the party truly didn’t start until Chancellor Moloney arrived. She took time to mingle with everyone, and after spoke about all the amazing changes that are happening at UMass Lowell, in the city of Lowell, and her first 90 days as Chancellor.

Overall, it was an amazing event, and I’m glad I was able to attend.