If you haven’t heard it already, hockey is our most popular and favorite sport here at UMass Lowell. Our team is Division 1, and plays at the Tsongas Center on either Friday or Saturday nights. They are a great way to socialize as well as enjoy an interactive and competitive sport.
This past Friday, I attended the season opener game against RPI. I arrived about an hour early, afraid I wouldn’t get a seat in the student section. Luckily, there was space, but it was packed! Everyone was excited to be back and watch the Riverhawks kick some butt, especially me. At most games there are giveaways, and on Friday we received rally towels. The crowd was wild as the team hit the ice and began the game.
One thing I love about UML hockey games is that it’s not just about watching the game, the fans get to participate too! In between periods, anything can happen. Usually, there is a sandwich eating contest where the winner gets a gift card to a sub shop, and Rowdy will throw t-shirts to the crowd. Also, there is a “dance cam” or “kiss cam”, putting the audience on the big screen. Lastly, as I said earlier, there are always many giveaways like t-shirts, bobble heads and noise makers.
The Riverhawks ended up defeating the RPI Engineers on Friday night 3-0, with Evan Campbell scoring two points and AJ White scoring one.
If you have not gone to a hockey game yet, I highly suggest you attend at least one this year. They are so much fun, even if you know nothing about hockey. I was not really a fan of hockey before I came to UML, but I love it now. It’s a great place to go and hangout with new and old friends, and something to do on a Friday night.
Hope to see you all there tomorrow!