The Unthinkable, Unconceivable… Freshman 15

Hi everyone,
I’m back, and here to give you some of my Exercise Physiology insight on (dun dun dun) the Freshman 15. Not sure what that is? Well, over the course of a student’s first year of college, they learn they have much more freedom, and tend to overeat, which lets to weight gain. The average weight that freshman put on is about ten to fifteen pounds, and freshman fifteen has such a nice ring to it, right? (ha ha) I know many of you have no interest in gaining the freshman 15, and that’s why I’m here. Being healthy is super important, and here is some advice on how to stay healthy and fit throughout your time at college.
Staying fit has three different components for me; food/drink, exercise, and mentality.If you’re missing one of the three, chances are you won’t see results, or at least for a long time. They are all equally important.
First and foremost, come up with your goal. Do you want to lose weight? Maintain your weight? Or just become more in shape?
Second, make a plan of action on how to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to become more in shape, one thing you can do is to start weightlifting.
Third, get started, but think of the three components. Let me explain them a little more.

Food/Drink: Eating and drinking unhealthy foods is the main reason why the freshman 15 exists. The best way to improve your diet is to slowly cut unhealthy foods out of it. For example, I cut soda out of my diet, because of the sugar and empty calories. This doesn’t mean that you can never drink soda again, but keep it in moderation. For example, having a reasonable size glass once a week (try to stick to serving sizes). Try to also eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal. Lastly, use a calorie counter to keep track of what you’re eating throughout the day. I use My Fitness Pal, which is a smart phone app. It will tell you how many calories you need to eat a day based on the information you provide. You’ll be able to see everything you eat, so you can avoid mindless snacking at late hours in the day.

Exercise: Try to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. This is how you can burn extra calories and build muscle and endurance.You could go for a walk, a run, or hop on the treadmill at the Rec Center, ride a bike, lift weights, dance, just get moving.

Mentality: This is the hardest part. Have a positive mindset towards your goal and progress. Remember, you won’t see results for about six weeks, because change takes time, so don’t be discouraged when it’s not instantaneous. Stay motivated by getting your friends involved. Having support from others is the best way to keep you going. Even when times get tough, remember that you’re working towards a happier, healthier you, no matter your goal. 🙂

Here’s a little motivational quote to keep you going.

Stay beautiful,