Libraries : One of Your Greatest Resources

Hey everyone!

 As we continue to buckle down into school work, I thought I’d share some information about my tried and true study spots; O’Leary and Lydon Library!
As each library is so big, this post will be on O’Leary Library, and there will be a second one next week all about Lydon.
(Disclaimer: I’m probably terribly biased towards O’Leary as a study spot, since I had a Work Study Job there for 4 semesters and 2 summers)

It’s a wonderful rule of thumb to assume that the higher up in the library you are, the quieter the studying is expected to be.  This means that the first floor is available for group study, furnished with couches, chairs, white boards, computers (both Mac and PC) and individual study rooms with white boards and monitors.  (These can also be signed out via the Dibs! System).  As long as you are using an indoor voice, you probably won’t be shushed by a librarian.

On the mezzanine floor, there are numerous tables and outlets for study.  A quiet conversation would be accept, but any louder than that would be inconsiderate to your fellow students.

On the forth floor, there’s an array of tables, desks, and comfy chairs spread out for study, both in and out of the stacks, computers, and a scanner, as well as the majority of the books in the library. Anything more than a whisper, and you’ll be sure to get a librarian’s attention.

There are also numerous areas throughout the library to curl up and study, on almost every floor.

However, there are tons of other resources available at O’Leary Library!

Located on the first floor is the Reference Desk, Career Counseling, and the Centers for Learning, all available to aid you in being as successful as possible.  The Starbucks nestled in the first floor, to make sure you are as awake as possible.
On  the second floor is the Media Services, with computers and available equipment for video, audio, and photography projects.  

Located on the third floor is the Honors College, available for those who would like to up their education to the next level.

On the fourth floor, is the English Department, along with all the books pertaining to the Fine Arts Health, and Social Sciences, as well as a collection of 10000+ CDs (just go to the desk and ask for the CD Binder!)  This is also the location of any books your professors have out on reserve, adn where you would pick up any Inter Library Loan books.
This may be a lot to take in, but give it a go, and you might find O’Leary to be one of the most integral and useful parts of campus life. 
If you want to know more about O’Leary, or check their hours, go to