Ways To Get Involved!

Hey friends!

I hope you’ve all been staying warm, safe and enjoying your time off from school! I’ve been relaxing, catching up on some work and I did some therapeutic sledding. 🙂

It’s still the start of the semester and I have been asked of ways to get involved on-campus. One thing I would like to teach you all is something magical that may be make you mind blown. There is a website called Collegiate Link. This website holds everything and anything you would like to know about an organization on campus! I told you, it’s magical!

If you go to the this link, it will bring you to the Home page. I have displayed it in the image below.

On this home page, you will find several notifications from leadership opportunities, club information and student conferences. You can click one of four tabs: Home, Organizations, Events or Campus Link. However, remember to SIGN IN! It is in the top right-hand corner, where all you would need is your student email and password. Below the notifications is Events and News, there are flyers of events that are hung up around campus for you to click on and view digitally.

Now, if you would like to find an organization to find more information about, you would press the Organizations tab and here is what it would look like:

The Organizations are set-up in alphabetical order. You can use the search bar, directory, categories or recommendations on the left-hand side. For example, say you’re looking for something in relation to your culture. You can go to Categories- Culturally Oriented and it will be alphabetical order.

If you would like to see what’s happening tonight, tomorrow or for the next week on campus. Go to the next tab “Events.” Here is what it would look like:

Hey! So there’s a club event tonight in the Serenity Center at University Crossing, an event tomorrow with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and SWE first general body meeting! There’s already three options you can choose from and there is more if you keep scrolling down.

For the last tab, Campus Links, it contains every form any club would need from reserving a space, starting a new club, filling out a form to start an event… etc.

See, I told you this was magic! If you would like to know more ways to be involved, look around at the flyers on campus and you can add Office of Multicultural Affairs and Office of Student Activities on Facebook to see events they share on the daily!

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you all have a good weekend.

Stay beautiful