Tips for Spring Semester

Hey friends!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a beautiful and eventful break. I was able to catch up on a good amount of sleep and watch my favorite shows. It was great! As I am now transitioning back into the college swing of things, I wanted to share a few tips with you all to keep in mind during this semester.

Memorize/Print out your schedule
It’s the first week of classes! YAY! It’s always good to know where you’re classes are because sometimes, not always, you could end up in the wrong classroom. Don’t worry! It’s happened to me before. Please, look at your schedule to know what classes you’re taking or what supplies you will need for class.

With already taking a semester’s worth of classes, you know what you are able to handle or add on with your academics. It’s easy to say, “hey, I have a lot of free time,” but do you really? Set time to write down and organize things that are important to you. For example: homework, work, being involved on campus and spending time with your loved ones. It will always help to know what you have planned so you don’t double book yourself!

Plan Ahead
If you are aware you’re going to be busy a certain day or have an exam to prep for, keep a note of it! This will be handy when you look through your things and you realize that you have something important coming up. Its more efficient to be well prepared, then to not be prepared at all!

YOU Time
I will always stress this! This is so IMPORTANT and MANDATORY!! Please make time for yourself. It’s always good to take some time to yourself whether its taking a nap, watching a show, working out, going on a walk or taking part of your favorite hobby! It’s always good to get your head out of reality and relax for a bit.
Always Ask Questions
Never think your voice is not being heard! There are many resources on campus that you can go to for help. For example, University Crossing is the new club hub on campus that opened in the Fall! There is the Centers For Learning on every campus! As well, you can talk to your professors, peers, Resident Advisers if you live on campus and your Orientation Ambassadors, of course!

Here are some links below if you would like to contact anyone I have mentioned above:

University Crossing

Centers for Learning
Orientation Ambassadors
Message us on Facebook, Tweet us at @UMLOrientation and/or email us at or with any questions you may have!

I hope you all have a great semester, friends! Good luck and study hard!

Stay beautiful!