App of the Month: Songza

Sup everybody, not really sure what to write my blog about this week, so I thought I would share something cool I learned about back in January. It’s an app for android and apple products and on your computer. It’s called Songza. It looks like this:

The whale thing is kinda creepy in my opinion. 
Basically it’s like Pandora but way better. It makes a playlist for you based on your favorite kind of music but it also accounts for whatever time of the day it is. So if it’s a monday afternoon like today it will look like this:
Cool Stuff
So as you can see. It offers me a couple options based on what time it is. If I click “Brand New Music.” It will give me this:

And obviously because I’m about that life, I am going to click Hip Hop/Rap. Now from here it will look like this:

So this is how I found out about my favorite playlist: Worldstar HipHop’s Top Tracks. I listen to this playlist every day when I am in the shower. This app is pretty cool in how you select a playlist but also because there are no commercials. And it’s free! 
This app is a real winner and I love it. Download it and love your life. Have a bro Monday everybody.
-Tim Brown