Naps on Naps on Naps!

You gotta work hard if you want to get an A. But hard work can only be done if you have the energy for it…
No amount of coffee can save you.
Here are a couple of hints to help you power through all of your homework and tests:
  • Plan your academic responsibilities accordingly! 
  • Don’t party all weekend – perhaps if you have a lot to do you should hit the library at least once!
  • Get a good nights rest!!! This is tremendously important!!!
  • Plan your day accordingly and don’t get distracted!
Also, don’t forget to use the powerful system I invented: I call it the CNH program. 
The CNH program stands for Class, Nap, Homework. It’s a fantastic approach to collegiate life and allows an undergraduate individual to balance the most important facets of school life. Sleep and Academics.Real simple stuff. After you hit those lectures, head back and take a long and deep nap, wake up ready to power through that homework (preferably in the quiet distraction-free library), then do it all again tomorrow. Works every time. 
Good luck everyone!