Yep it’s here. Finals week. Possibly the worst week of the year. Agreed? No one likes sitting the library till 2 am studying for Physics, Art History, Calculus, or Chemistry. But that’s just part of college and since you all survived Fall Semester’s finals week, I have faith that you can do it again. Just remember to take a 5 minute break fro every 90 minutes of studying. Or else your brain is going to feel fried and you’ll stop retaining new information. Also eating foods rich in iron and protein will help get you through the long nights of studying. Avoid sugary foods and drinks because they will a quick rush of energy then leave you more tired than before you ate your snack. One of the best snacks to have while studying is trail mix. The almonds, peanuts, and walnuts will fill you up while the raisins and M&Ms satisfy your sweet tooth.

Since it’s well known that this is the hardest week of the semester, the University and Residence Halls are putting on de-stressing programs all week.

Tonight (May 7th)
Late night breakfast in Bouge!

Tomorrow (Tuesday May 8th):
11am: South Campus Scavenger Hunt: TONS of prizes will be given out.
1pm – 4pm:  There will be a huge block party on South Campus with free food and a moon bounce (and many more activities)
3pm-7pm: Health Services’ Stress Relief Day: Go and take a couple hours to relax. There will be mini-massages, ice cream sundaes, and art&crafts projects. Oh ya and it’s all FREE!!

Wednesday May 9th:
8pm: Smoothie Party at the ICC. Take a quick break with your friends for a yummy fruit smoothie. Or grab one on the go to bring to the library with you.

Throughout the rest of the week, the residence halls will be putting on programs for everyone to enjoy. So keep your eyes open for the signs that will be up this week.

Best tip I can give you for surviving this week is sleep right, eat right, and exercise. Yea we have all heard it a thousand times but its the truth. Schedule these things in so you do not forget to do them. Even just biking for 30 minutes and swapping that bag of chip for a yogurt can do wonders on your grades and studying endurance. My favorite thing to do to keep me interested in studying is using color paper and pens. White paper is going to get bored after a couple hours, while red, yellow, or orange paper will keep you awake and focused.

Good Luck!