Ever watch the show Double Dare on Nickelodeon? I was OBSESSED when I was little. My brother and I would set up a game show board with questions in our kitchen. Then set up physical challenges around the rest of the house. In the living room we played ‘Floor’s Lava’, the Dining Room was an obstacle course, and my dad’s office was a race do something (like stacking blocks). And now that I am all grown up (or sort of grown up) I still have playing Floor’s Lava and doing other physical challenges. But what kind of physical challenges are around since we can’t be on a game show pulling prizes out of a giant plastics nose? Well there are different races such as Tough Mudder, Half Marathon, and the Warrior Dash. What are these about?!?
Tough Mudder: a 12 mile marathon that includes obstacles mud, fire, ice-water, and 10,000 volts of electricity. You are put through a series of challenges and obstacles designed by the British Special Forces to test your stamina, endurance, and determination. Check out their site to sign up: http://toughmudder.com/
Half Marathons: I have always wanted to do one. These races are for those who want to test their determination in running without doing a full marathon. The 13.1-mile race takes place all across the Boston area throughout the year. Here is a schedule of when they are: http://www.halfmarathons.net/race_calendar_massachusetts.html
Warrior Dash is a 5K race that involves 12 obstacles. At the start of the race all participants are given a free shirt and fuzzy helmet, although you do not need to wear them during the race since costumes are HIGHLY suggested (there is even an award that goes to the best costume). Post-race there is a feast of food and tons of entertainment including music, axe throwing contests and fireworks. Check out: www.warriordash.com for more details.
 I decided that I am going to sign up (hopefully this summer) for one of these crazy physical challenges and live out my dream of being on my favorite childhood show.