Coffee, you should get some

So as I sit here talking to Alanna about how much we have to do this week we realized the only way we are gonna get through it is with lots of coffee and energy drinks, since there is little time to sleep. Which isn’t exactly a great thing but you gotta do whatcha gotta do in order to get through this week. Energy drinks are not good for you due to excess amount of sugar in them. If you get sugar free energy drinks, think of all the artificial flavorings they use to compensate for not using sugar. And they leave you feeling more tired than before drinking them. But coffee is a magical thing since it’s delicious and has a bunch of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Coffee:
1. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
2. Prevents brain damage
3. Drinking 4+ cups of decaffeinated coffee can help regulate blood sugar
4. Drinking 1-3 cups a day can reduce your risk of stroke since it can lessen the damage done by inflammation in the arteries.
5. Reduced risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis
6. Curbs appetite

But these benefits only applied to those drinking under 5 cups of coffee a day. Drinking more than that can put you at risk for jitters, high cholesterol, restless sleep, and withdrawal symptoms when you do not consume coffee (Coffee is a legitimate addiction).

So feel free to load up on the coffee to prepare for finals but lay off the Jo next week so your body can re-cooperate. Summer is right around the corner. It’s the home stretch, this is the last sprint to the finish line and I know you will make it. Good luck on your exams, papers, and presentations!