Home away from home

Living away from home can be an interesting experience. Some people love it and others hate it. And if you think that living away from home is something that you will enjoy (or did enjoy it this year) then this blog is very important for you! Housing information is going out the Monday you get back from Spring Break (if you live on campus packets will be placed under your door). But lucky for you I have some of the key information that will help you get through the housing process!

Step 1: Who am I going to live with?
This is the most important part of the housing process! You need to think about who you get along with and have similar cleaning& sleeping habits. Someone you is your best friend may not be the best roommate since they might go to bed at 3am and wake up in the afternoon while you like going to bed at 11pm. Or you are generally a messy person while your friend is a neat freak. These qualities aren’t bad they just make it hard to live with the a person who has the opposite quality. You need to think hard about who you live with so that you have an awesome year!

Step 2: Where am I going to live?
This is the fun part! When thinking about where you are going to live, imagine living there and what your life would be like. Picture what your room could look like, how it would be to get to class, and consider where your friends are living. Living on East Campus is great for those who go to the gym a lot since the gym is located there but if you are a South Campus major and hate taking the morning shuttles, you may consider living in Sheehy or Concordia. Here is a quick pros and cons list of all the buildings:

1. Fox and Leitch are all Freshmen!
2. Bourgeois:
– East Campus
– Doubles, Triples, and few Quads
– Close to the Parking Garage, right across the street from the Campus Recreation Center, a quick walk from the Tsongas Center!
– Great for those with North Campus majors since it’s only a 7 minute walk!
3. Donahue:
– East Campus
– 4, 6, and 8 person suites
– Great if you want to live with more than 1 other person
– Easy access to the Riverwalk and Shuttle stop
– Close to the Parking Garage, right across the street from the Campus Recreation Center, a quick walk from the Tsongas Center!
4. Eames:
– North Campus
– Honor Housing only
– Special programs for Honor Students
– You have sink in your room!
– Southwick Cafe (yum!)
4. Sheehy:
– South Campus
– 4, 6, and 8 person suites
– Easy commute for South Campus majors
– A bathroom and shower only used by your suite!
– Plenty a room for parking a car
5. Concordia:
– South Campus
– Singles, and Doubles
– A quieter environment for those who have a lot of homework to do
– Huge first floor common room!
– Subway and Starbucks only a walk away!
6. The ICC:
– Downtown
– Doubles and Triples
– The doubles have bigger beds!
– Quick walk to downtown restaurants and events
– Carpeted floors and your own bathroom!

Step 3: Get that housing contract by March 30th!
Getting the housing contract in on time will ensure that you get housing! The deposit is $200 which can be paid in cash, check, or on your card.

Step 4: Go online and pick your room!
The new system this year will allow you to log online and choose which building and room you want! (A lot more information on this will be provided in your Housing Packets)

Step 5: Relax and look forward to next year!
Having a good living arrangement for the next year makes coming back to school fun and exciting. I always love planning what to bring and what the room is going to look like. And making the suite ‘your own’ can be fun for all your roommates to be involved in.

I hope you all have a smooth housing selection process! And if you still have questions ask your RAs and FYREs, they will have tons of information to give you!