Bikini Season is that you?

It seems like bikini season could be sneaking up on us a lot faster than normal or maybe not! It is only 30 degrees today even though it was 80 last week. Our crazy New England weather is hard to plan for and even harder to predict. The best plan is to be prepared for whatever is thrown our way and just roll with it. So here is a list of fun activities that you can try if your planned beach day turns out to be a rainy 40 degree day.

If it’s raining (Sad face):

Roller Skating: Yea I know it sounds child-ish and it will remind you of elementary school birthday parties BUT it’s so fun! Embrace your inner little kid.

Trapeze! I bet most people have never done it and it’s so adventurous to try something new. So head down to Jordan’s Furniture in Burlington to test it out! And if trapeze is not your thing, they have a delicious ice cream place right there so you can get a snack while you watch your friends fly through the air.

Plaster Fun Time: Again it may sound child-ish and kinda dorky but who doesn’t love making their own creation and then showing it off? I went a couple weeks ago and I can’t wait to go back. Best part? There is one right down the street on Drumhill!

If it’s gorgeous:

Kimball’s Farm: Batting cages, mini golf, driving range, bumper boats and the best ice cream around.. need I say more?

Crane’s Beach! One of my favorite beaches, located in the small town of Ipswich, MA. What makes it even better is the amazing crab shacks in the area. Food Networks’ Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives has featured them multiple times!

Check out our Riverhawk Baseball and Softball teams in their 2012 Season. Here is their schedules:

Boston! Easily my favorite thing to do on Saturday when it’s beautiful! Take the train into the city and spend the day walking around. You can walk past Fenway Stadium or The TD Garden. But make sure to get some Mike’s Pastries in the North End, they are absolutely amazing! My favorite is the Espresso Cannolli YUM!!

Tell us what your favorite thing to do is. And enjoy all your Springtime Adventures!