Getting to know Stefanie

Hey guys!!!

My name is Stefanie, i am a junior, my major is Community Health with a minor in Psychology. I am a tour guide as well as an Ambassador during the school year and during the summertime I am an orientation leader. I currently live in fox hall the 15th floor YIKES!!!!!!!! I am a very shy reserved person but once in the right atmosphere and group of people I’m outgoing.

One of the many things I love to do is travel and cook, I’ve been on over 10 crusies, a few different countries including London, Mexico and Canada. I am constantly traveling every year. My dad used to work  for US Airways, so I get to fly for free!! I recently went to my first cooking class and LOVED it!!!!!!! I have two loving parents who have supported me from day 1. I also have a brother who no matter what he does and how crazy he get’s I still love him.

I like Umass Lowell because of all the opportunties it has given me. Next spring I will be doing an internship hopefully at one of the Hospitals in Boston. I’ve definitely grown as a person since the first day I arrived here. Umass Lowell has thrown me a lot of curve balls and I’ve taken each one as a learning expereience.


Food: I don’t really have one but if I could name one it would be Dim Sum. 

Animal: I have 2 dogs and turtles. I used to have a dog and long story short no one was around to take care of him so we had to give him away 🙁

Place: I LOVE Hawaii!!!!!!!! I went there for my cousins wedding a few years ago and feel in LOOOOOVVVEEE with it. I could spend all day everyday there!!!
Movie: I really don’t have a favorite movie, I love anything BUT scary!
T.V shows: Iron Chief, Dinner Impossible, Restruant Impossible, basically anything on the food network
Ice cream flavor: Choclate chip YUM 🙂
1. Spiders
2. Heights (this is a weird one, I love rollar coasters, and wanna jump out of plane but I’m scared at the same time)
3. Snakes (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even look at them without getting the chills)
1. To become very succesful,
2. Travel the world, one of the places I really want to see is China
3. Go sky diving
Any other questions let me know Stef!