Ambassador Week – Day 3: ASHLEY

Well, hello there friends! It’s Ashley-time! Well, as you could’ve guessed my name is….Ashley.  I am a Junior here at UML and am a Psychology Major! For a while, I picked up an Education Minor..but decided teaching wasn’t for me.  I was also looking into a Theater Minor, but my schedule is so busy already that I might not be able to pick that up.

I currently am the Orientation Operations Manager, as well as an Ambassador!  I spend most of my work time registering incoming students for Orientation and thinking of new ways to improve our program!  I love my job and couldn’t imagine working any where else.  The real world better offer me some cool jobs like these ;).

     I am also a Resident Advisor at the UML Inn & Conference Center…our beloved ICC.  It’s a really cool place to live because you can step outside and be in the heart of downtown Lowell.  I love all of the tiny shops and boutiques. My two favorite places to shop downtown are FOUND and HUMANITY. Found has a ton of wicked random collections and items. It’s a place where you can be in for over an hour finding tons of cool things.  Humanity is a clothing store that has a lot of trendy, cool items.  I love their jewelry and always buy on sale. Students get a 10% discount! 🙂  Next year, I’ll be the Assistant Complex Director of South Campus.  I’ll be all around South Campus next year!

     My favorite thing about UMass Lowell is the incredible people and the amazing opportunities. I have made life-long friendships and even met my boyfriend here.  I was really nervous about meeting new people as a Freshman because I lived in Dracut (which if you don’t know…is about 3 minutes down the road from East Campus.)  I figured that so many people from my school went here that I wouldn’t meet any new friends. Boy, was I wrong!! All of my friends are from UML and I like it that way. 🙂

     As for opportunities…they are COUNTLESS. From becoming an Orientation Leader, my options opened up in so many ways!   I learned so much about the University and was able to grow so much from my experiences as an Orientation Leader.  After a semester as a sophomore, I applied to become a Resident Advisor.  I was then promoted from both of my positions to Orientation Operations Manager and to Assistant Complex Director. Both of these positions mean so much to me and I am extremely grateful to the school for allowing me to reach towards my career goals and for helping me learn so much.

What have I done here at UML?…Don’t get me started!…Well, I got my self started so you are in for a treat!
Things Ashley’s Done at UML:
-Played UML Women’s Rugby
-Sang in the University Choir
– Performed in two OBP musicals
– Started my own GLEE CLUB!
Won Campus Moviefest for Best Comedy with my friends
– Played intramural softball

     I’ve done so many things at school that those are just a few! UML keeps me busy with awesome programs and fun events!!


  1. Favorite Food: Well..this is a complicated question. Favorite Junk Food: Cheetos or Tostitos & Salsa…Favorite Take Out: L19 from Mandarin Lowell (do it)… Favorite Fruit: Berries!  Favorite Pizza: Peppers & Onions…Favorite home cooked meal: Pasta!
  2. Favorite Movie: Any Disney movie or musical!
  3. Favorite Song: Uhmmm…currently Penny & Me by Hanson..YA HANSON, deal with it. or Bills, Bills, Bills from Glee (Destiny’s Child cover)
  4. Favorite Season: Summer, obvi.
  5. Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Cook, watch Netflix, hang out with friends, go out with my Familym, fly.
  6. Favorite Store: Forever 21 & CVS (no joke, I spend like 70$ every time I go to CVS)
  7. Favorite Color: Green & Purple! 
  8. Favorite TV Show: iCarly, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s, J.Shore, Fantasy Factory, Zach & Cody, ya know…big kid shows…

Well…that’s all I got for now.

Have a great AMBASSADOR week! 🙂