Taking too much at one time?

Hello there fans and readers!

         Are you a victim of taking way too much on and then being swamped in the end like Ben N.?  Everyone gets that way sometimes.  Being young and foolhardy, it can be difficult to balance work and play.
        Then you factor in that good ol’ Mr./Ms./Mrs. Procrastination and BOOM!  You’re on a one way ticket to being tied to a back of a yellow rental truck being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil. PUSHED over a cliff by a suicidal Mickey Mouse.
        Lucky for us, there is a way to redirect that enthusiasm and pull the e-brake.  Although it is definitely a good thing to do extra-curriculars, you must remember that school comes first.  Use a planner and try to write down everything you need to do ahead of time.  Try taking a day to write down in detail your plans for the week and check your planner every night.  It’ll save you from certain doom. 
         Doing things ahead is also never a crime.  Start projects early so you can finish them early and watch while everyone else is squirming at 4 in the a.m. sucking down coffee and energy drinks like a panda on bamboo and trying to finish the paper that’s due in 2 hours.
         Another thing that’s important is prioritizing

What’s more important?  Studying for the quiz in 3 days or helping a buddy get the last few achievements in Modern Warfare 2? 
A) Quiz
B) Modern Warfare
C) Quiz
If you picked A, C, or D.  You’re absolutely right. 
That doesn’t mean you can’t study for a few hours and then enjoy some game-play for an hour or so.  It’s all about managing time so you don’t explode in the end and complain to people (professors) who won’t give you mercy because they knew you were too busy doing something else.


         Little things like these take a bit of effort.  But hey, you’re paying for it. 

          I don’t know about you but I don’t generally have 16k laying around for me to go on facebook and play video games all day instead of going to class and balancing my life. 

Make it happen, UML students.  Live the dream.

-Ben N.