Credit Cards… just don’t get them…

Everybody loves money. It would be inhuman to not enjoy having, spending, and wanting more money. However considering credit cards as an additional or alternative source of revenue during your college years is the WORST HABIT you can get into! 
Those credit card deals in your mailbox might seem sweet, but they are really just stomach souring. Sure, there’s 0% APR for the first six months and a giant credit limit, but the contractual fine print is loaded with fees, interest rate conditions, and credit terms that can change in a matter of 15 days or less!
Don’t fall for any of it! Just tear up the offers!

You are better off surviving on a small working budget than mounting credit card debt which could cost you in interest payments and fees, especially if you make minimum payments or are consistently late paying.

The recent government stimulus bill has gone after credit card companies to prevent them from overextending credit to customers and to give credit holders more flexibility and awareness. Thus lenders are re-framing their conditions to maximize profits and keep their customer base in a constant state of payment.
Be smart… Save and Budget !!!!