Why Study Abroad?

all the girls in paris

I write this final blog post from my room in Massachusetts. In the past 24 hours, I have traveled half way around the world to go home. While I miss England, it does feel nice to be back. I no longer have to worry about currency exchange rates or which side of the road to drive on. Everything at home is pretty much the same, except for me.

Studying abroad in England has helped me become a better Maddie. My whole life, I have been a worrier. I plan every day ahead of time, even months before sometimes. I can honestly say that I never knew what I was doing on this trip, and I felt happier for it. We had a busy schedule,but I found myself enjoying everything I was doing so much that I never thought about what we were doing next.

I saw a bumper sticker before I left for the trip that said, “Wherever you are, be there fully.” I think I finally managed to accomplish that on this trip. Not only did I make very close friends, I got to learn about England in a way that I never would have traveling on my own.

I learned about Parliament, more about the country’s past, saw famous works of art and museums. I learned that I like Iraqi food and Indian food. I learned that Churchill had secret war rooms during the Blitz. But most importantly, I learned that there are parts of me scattered in cities I have never been to, and the best way for me to become a whole person is to continue my travels.

Study abroad is a life changing experience and I recommend it to everyone.